Floating PV

With support from Innovation Norway, REC Group and Global Maritime, we are now building on decades of experience from offshore oil and gas to develop new solutions for floating PV plants.


In many locations, there is a lack of suitable land for large-scale ground-mounted solar systems. Combined with benefits of having solar panels floating on a reservoir, such as increased efficiency from lower temperatures, proximity to grid (in the case of hydropower dam reservoirs), and reduced amount of evaporation from said reservoirs, we find that the right floating PV concept will make new projects viable.


Creating intelligent solutions for PV site surveys and construction monitoring.


Surveys of potential solar power plant sites are today performed by on-site personnel doing visual inspections. In remote locations, this can be expensive and time consuming, while still being difficult to obtain good reports.

For sites under construction, it is challenging to uncover deviations from the plan in time to rectify them. We are now working with the Norwegian Research Council and an Industrial PhD scheme to develop an alternative. New photogrammetry technology combined with advanced AI and software solutions will produce continuous and detailed 3D images of the site. This will ensure real-time monitoring of existing plants, as well as creating efficient and autonomous site surveys.