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Norsk Solar is sponsoring Solar pulse LATAM

Norsk Solar is proud to sponsor Solarplaza in the Solar pulse LATAM webinar, in which key stakeholders discuss how the solar industry will tackle regional challenges in LATAM’s solar leading countries; Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

Norsk Solar CEO guest speaker on Investor Forum for Swedbank Solar Energy and batteries

Norsk Solar CEO guest speaker on International Solar Day with NORWEP

CEO Øyvind Laugen Vesterdal, along with Scatec Solar, IFE, and IHS Markit spoke on solar trends and the Norwegian solar PV market.

Renewable investment boom in Ukraine

Norwegian companies flock to Ukraine to invest in renewable energy production. Ukraine is lagging behind European emission cuts and now offers generous subsidies and tax cuts to those who want to put their money in green energy.

Norsk Solar to construct a solar power plant in Ukraine with NEFCO financing

NEFCO is co-financing the construction of a 9 MWp solar power plant close to Brovary in the Kyiv region. This is the first solar power project to be implemented in Ukraine by the Norwegian solar power developer Norsk Solar AS.

Filling the gap investing in solar energy as a response to Pakistan's energy needs

Pakistan’s energy needs are rapidly growing. Over the past decade, the country experienced a severe gap between energy demand and supply.

"Wind winner" to build solar in Pakistan

Norsk Solar to construct a solar power plant in Pakistan.

Norwegian prime minister says Ukraine moves in right direction as 5 deals worth $1.5 billion signed

At a joint press conference on Jan. 28, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said that she believes “Ukraine is moving forward,” but that there is “still a lot to do in Ukraine, still a need for a reform agenda.